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    Family in DiCamper eats lasagne with mushrooms

    DiCamper is the Camper rental of Autonoleggi Demontis, with operating locations in the airports of Cagliari, Alghero, Olbia and in the city of Sassari.

    During our long years of experience in the world of rental in Sardinia, we have often wondered what the best way to really enjoy our island was, but above all to be able to do so in total freedom.

    In 2018, we decided to answer this question by creating the DiCamper project.

    Forget the classic "Camper": our vehicles are top-of-the-range camper vans, with top-quality fittings and finishes, but with dimensions that ensure practical logistics and maximum comfort.

    The result is an agile vehicle, able to access anywhere, air-conditioned and equipped for all seasons: as comfortable as a house on wheels.

    DiCamper is available in the main locations and all airports on the island.

    Families, sportsmen, friends, couples or solo travel? It doesn't matter who you are: if you are a traveller, this is the vehicle for you.

    “Di Giorno, Di Notte, DiCamper.”

    Book your camper van

    Our vehicles are high-end camper vans: comfortable, agile, safe and air-conditioned.
    DiCamper is the best way to explore Sardinia in every season and in total freedom

    The Camper

    Motorhome hire

    Knaus Boxstar 600 Solution

    German solidity and reliability combined with the history of FIAT van motoring: Boxstar is synonymous with strength, robustness and durability at the highest level.
    The extreme attention to quality over the years has never diminished, on the contrary: today, even lighter and more advanced materials are used in the construction of the bodywork. For example, high-performance polyurethane is used for the wooden reinforcement profiles. The uniform and optimised interior considerably reduces the impact of humidity and temperature changes on the bodywork.
    It is hard to imagine how stylish a compact holiday vehicle can be if you have never been inside a BOXSTAR. It combines state-of-the-art technology, such as LED lighting and enclosed insulation, with the comfort features of the premium motorhome segment. All-round construction, soft-touch upholstery and bathrooms in different variants ensure high living comfort in extremely compact dimensions and highly dynamic driving characteristics, and make the BOXSTAR a champion on country roads, motorways and all Sardinian roads.

    • Load capacity 35 quintals
    • Heated rear locker
    • Furniture made entirely of wood
    • Kitchen extractor fan
    • Stainless steel washbasin
    • Manual cab air conditioning
    • Cruise control
    • Remote control for central locking cabin/cabin
    • Pleated cabin blinds
    • 100% LED lighting
    • Integrated original FIAT headlights
    • Pleated insect screen for entrance
    • LED exterior lights
    • Electric mirrors
    • Refrigerator 150 litres
    • Dual airbags
    • ABS, ESR & ESP X
    • External electric step
    • Double service battery
    • Gas/diesel heating
    • Battery disconnect
    • Solar panel preparation, TV & Car radio
    • Traction plus
    Motorhome hire
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    You can book your motorhome directly on the website by visiting the "Dicamper" section and filling in the dedicated form, writing to us in the contact form on the website, or contacting us by phone on +39 800 20 30 10

    A 40% deposit will be required on confirmation, with the balance due at the start of the rental. A credit card or cash guarantee will still be required, which varies according to the economic responsibilities agreed.

    All of our motorhomes for hire can be driven with a B driving licence, i.e. the licence used to drive a car, as the motorhome weighs less than 3.5 tonnes.

    The speed permitted by the highway code is the same as that of a car; a moderate speed is advisable, but a greater safety distance must be maintained due to the greater weight of the motor home.

    For safety reasons, it is always advisable to park your caravan in a safe and possibly guarded place.
    In many places in Italy and abroad there are free parking areas.
    However, it is always better to park in places where no prohibitions are posted, so that you do not risk sanctions.

    For a list on up-to-date staging areas, we recommend the page Staging Areas in Sardinia | CamperOnLine

    BATTERIES: There are 2 batteries in your motor home: the engine battery and the services battery. The engine battery is autonomous and independent (it works like the battery in your car). The ancillary battery can last up to three to four days under normal conditions and if you use the various electrical devices sparingly, but it also depends on the season. In winter, 2 days of autonomy are certainly guaranteed. On the control panel inside the motor home there are displays that show the state of charge of both batteries. In addition, our motorhomes are equipped with solar panels that recharge the batteries.

    GAS BOTTLE: The motor home is supplied with a gas bottle. A full bottle lasts for 2 to 4 days in winter (if you keep the heating on day and night). In summer, a full bottle lasts up to 30 days.

    WATER: The clear water tank has a capacity of 100 to 120 litres depending on the model chosen.

    All motor homes have heating, which is supplied by the vehicle's own gas cylinder or diesel fuel.

    The stoves have more than enough heat capacity to keep the temperature on board even if it drops several degrees below zero outside.

    Even in winter, you can stay in your T-shirt for as long as you like and in any area of the motor home, thanks to a ventilation system that distributes the heat flow evenly.

    Certainly! All our vehicles are equipped with bike racks for 1 to 2 people.

    Our vehicles are all equipped with the following free accessories: kitchen kit, awning or canopy, bicycle rack, car radio with usb socket, electric cable for use in camping, water hose for water supply, anti-fall nets for upper beds, thermal blackout blinds for the driver's cabin, warning triangle and emergency jacket.

    Linen kits, open air kits and barbecues are just some of the optional services available to enhance the use of our vehicles. For more detailed information we have a page listing all kits and accessories.

    The occupants of the motor home are obliged to travel as in a car, with their seatbelts fastened.

    Standing is strictly prohibited.

    Please remember that before moving your vehicle, you must close all windows, portholes and hatches properly and ensure that there are no objects that could fall out or cause damage to people or property.

    The voltage of the motor home during travel or when standing freely is 12V.

    It is therefore possible to recharge mobile phones or tablets in our vehicles, both when travelling and when parked, as 12V USB or cigarette lighter sockets have been fitted.

    Only when the vehicle is connected to an electric cable is the voltage 220V.

    On the day of collection of the vehicle, the staff will explain to you how the motorhome works, both internally and externally, and how to use it correctly.

    You will also be provided with an instruction book, containing all the information given, to consult during your holiday. During your trip, you will always have an operational telephone number to help you solve any problems that may arise during your holiday.