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Between history and modernity.

The city of Olbia, rich in history and now the commercial and logistical hub of northeastern Sardinia, overlooks the Gulf of the same name and is the largest center in Gallura and the island's fourth largest city in terms of population (just over 60,000). With its port and international airport, Olbia represents the main gateway into the eastern part of Sardinia.

The city is famous for the beautiful beaches in its area and its proximity to the Costa Smeralda, but it is also a place marked by the passage of numerous ancient peoples, such as the Phoenicians, Greeks, and Romans. Traces of this presence remain in various parts of the city (such as the ancient Punic walls visible in Via Torino) and in numerous archaeological sites that can be reached within a few minutes' drive. Many of the artifacts found during excavations are also preserved in the National Archaeological Museum.

In town you can relax at Fausto Noce Park, shop along the streets of the historic center, enjoy a drink or dinner among the many restaurants and bars, or take a stroll along the new waterfront. With its strategic location and easy connections to Italy and abroad, Olbia is a great starting point for a vacation in northeastern Sardinia, whose wonderful beaches are just a few minutes' drive away. In our car rental agency in the city of Olbia you can rent a car for your vacation or business trip, but also vans and commercial vehicles of various types.

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What to see

Sea, nature and archaeology.

Inhabited since ancient times, Olbia and its territory offer not only a splendid sea, but also numerous testimonies of the Nuragic period and beyond. Among the various archaeological sites in the Olbia area, which can be reached in a few minutes' drive from the city, the Giants' Tomb of Su Monte de S'Abe, the nuraghe Riu Mulinu and the Sacred Nuragic Well of Sa Testa are certainly worth a visit. In the city center, on the other hand, it is possible to observe the ruins of the ancient Punic walls, while in the industrial area we find some remains of a Roman aqueduct. For excursion lovers, however, we recommend a visit to the nearby Pedres Castle, from the Judicial period, perched on a hill overlooking the Olbia plain. Other places to see in Olbia are the 18-hectare Fausto Noce Park (it is in fact the largest urban park in Sardinia), the Romanesque Basilica of San Simplicio, and the church of San Paolo (famous for its majolica dome).

And what about the sea? For beaches you will be spoiled for choice: among the most beautiful and famous are Porto Istana, Pittulongu, Punta Pedrosa, Bados and Le Saline. Along the coast, just a few kilometers from Olbia, there are also the famous resorts of Porto San Paolo, San Teodoro, Porto Rotondo and Porto Cervo. The Olbia area also offers many natural attractions including theTavolara Punta Coda Cavallo Marine Protected Area, which includes the islands of Tavolara, Molara and Molarotto.

Here are the things not to miss if you are in Olbia:

Set out to discover Olbia and its territory with the vehicles of Autonoleggi Demontis.

If you arrive in Olbia to start your vacation in Sardinia on the road, in our car rental agency in the city you will find a wide range of cars for every need: from small cars to cars with more spacious trunks, Autonoleggi Demontis ensures always efficient means and a punctual and professional service. On the other hand, for those who are in Olbia for work, the rental of commercial vehicles for the transport of goods and people is available, such as vans of various types and cars for any type of travel, in the city or in the north of Sardinia.

Where to eat

Gallura cuisine and excellent fresh fish every day.

Between land and sea, Olbia's cuisine encompasses the traditions of the typical Gallura cuisine and the tastiest seafood. From the sea come the famous mussels, bred throughout the Gulf, oysters and bottarga, shellfish and fresh fish that enrich the tables of the city's restaurants every day. From the more peasant and pastoral Gallurese tradition, on the other hand, come typical dishes such as zuppa "cuata " ("hidden," made with stale bread, cheese and sheep's broth), sweet ricotta ravioli (but seasoned with sauce!) and mazza frissa, made with cream and durum wheat semolina mixed until it forms a creamy mixture that can serve as a topping for pasta or be eaten as is, even sweetened with a little honey.

Whether you are looking for good fresh seafood or want to experience Gallura cuisine, here are our tips on where to eat in Olbia:

Restaurant da Paolo Olbia

Paolo's Restaurant

A historic family-run restaurant in the center of Olbia, it offers typical recipes of Sardinian cuisine, both sea and land. Waiting for you is a cozy 70-seat venue and a menu that offers a selection of Sardinian meats, typical local cured meats and tasty fresh fish dishes based on the catch of the day. Ideal for dinner with family or friends, with home cooking and fresh, wholesome products.

Osteria al Solito Posto Olbia

Osteria al Solito Posto

A Sardinian and Gallurese cuisine restaurant on Viale Aldo Moro in Olbia, it offers traditional dishes (especially seafood) in an informal atmosphere. Portions are generous, from appetizers to first and second courses, the fish is always fresh, and the wine list offers the best local and national labels. A few outdoor tables are also available to guests.

Peppermint Patty Olbia

Peppermint Patty

If you are looking for Sardinian tradition proposed with a more modern and original twist, Piperita Patty is the place for you. It is a small restaurant in the center of Olbia, family (and female) run, offering sea and land dishes of Sardinian cuisine expertly reinterpreted by the Chef. Sophisticated pairings, careful planting and informal atmosphere make this place ideal for romantic dinners as well.

Where to sleep

The best reception in Olbia city

In the city center or in a more secluded and relaxing location, Olbia offers many hotels, b&b and vacation homes where you can stay overnight while enjoying top services and excellent breakfasts. We have chosen 3 facilities that are different from each other but have in common the high quality of services offered, allowing those who are in Olbia for pleasure or business to experience a comfortable and carefree stay.

Here is where you can stay if you are in Olbia:

Hotel For You Olbia

Hotel for you

A modern 4-star hotel in the center of Olbia, it offers elegant, functional rooms and an excellent continental breakfast buffet. Because of its location within walking distance of the city's historic and commercial center, it is the perfect hotel for both a business stay and a romantic weekend getaway. Also available are an indoor garage by reservation, a gym and a wellness area with Turkish bath, sauna, mini pool and experience showers.

Luna Lughente Hotel Olbia

Luna Lughente

4-star hotel located on a hill just one kilometer from the sea, a location that gives guests an unforgettable view. In addition to rooms and suites, the hotel offers an excellent restaurant where you can find both traditional specialties and more elaborate dishes of Mediterranean cuisine. During the summer season it also has a relaxing swimming pool with solarium.

Jazz Hotel Olbia

Jazz Hotel

Located just 2 km from the center of Olbia, the Jazz Hotel is perfect for those arriving in the city and wanting to stay in a modern hotel with every service. Perfect for a leisure or business vacation, in the summer season it also offers an outdoor swimming pool and a relaxation & fitness area with Turkish bath and gym. Also a must try is the Bacchus Restaurant inside, open for both lunch and dinner

Vehicles for hire

Here are what vehicles you can rent at our Olbia city location.

Small cars

Small in size, versatile for getting around town for both business and pleasure, our car fleet in Olbia allows you to meet any need that requires a city car or a small but comfortable vehicle. Contact our offices or fill out the form at the bottom of the page to request information and choose your next small car rental in Olbia.

Large and luxury cars

For those who need larger trunks or cars that are larger but still comfortable both in the city and on longer journeys, our agency offers for rent agile and dynamic vehicles suitable for all kinds of travel. We also have available models for those looking for a representative car for a corporate trip or a luxury vehicle for a special event.

Commercial Vehicles

Small, medium, large, boxed or refrigerated: if you need a van rental in Olbia for work or for a move, we definitely have the right one for you. With Autonoleggi Demontis you can choose the vehicle that best meets your work needs, certain that you will always have efficient and safe vehicles that will accompany you on your daily commute.


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