Dunes of Capo Comino Siniscola


Unspoiled nature made up of caves and long beaches.

Siniscola, with more than 12,000 inhabitants, is the main town of the Baronie on the northeastern coast of Sardinia.

Its territory encompasses as much as 25 km of coastline and, behind it, wild and unspoiled nature over which dominates Mount Albo, a limestone massif also known as "Sardinian dolomite." Surrounding the town of Siniscola are as many as 30 nuragic settlements and numerous caves, including Gane 'e Gortoe (access to which is in the town center), Bona Fraule, sa Conca 'e Locoli and sa Prejone 'e 'Orcu, on the slopes of Mount Albo.
Because of this, the area is of great historical and environmental interest and welcomes every year both tourists in search of long, not-too-crowded beaches and enthusiasts of trekking, caving, free climbing and surfing.

Also not far from the center of Siniscola are La Caletta, a seaside hamlet with a marina and a 5-km-long golden beach, and Santa Lucia, a charming fishing village overlooking the sea.

Right in La Caletta you can find our car rental offices where you can rent small, medium and large cars or commercial vans. At this location in the territory of Siniscola you can also rent a car with a delivery service, requesting that it be delivered to where it is most convenient for you.

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What to see

Sea, mountains and caves to explore

Siniscola embraces a rather diverse territory that combines the unspoiled and wild atmosphere of the mountains with the beauty of more than 20 km of mostly sandy coastline.

Its historic center has medieval origins, and the oldest part preserves the old districts and some interesting churches, including that of St. John the Baptist, dating from the 18th century, and the church of Nostra Signora della Salute, built near a healing spring. It may sound strange, but in the center of the town (precisely in Olbia Street) we also find the entrance to the cave of Gana 'e Gortoe, one of the many caves in the territory of Siniscola that continually attract speleology enthusiasts from all over the world. From here one can reach the Monte Idda area, from which to enjoy the panoramic view of Siniscola at the foot of Monte Albo.

It is precisely the imposing limestone massif of Monte Albo that is one of the main attractions of the Siniscola area, thanks to its many walkable trails, holm oak and yew forests, and many fresh water springs.

And then the sea: not far from Siniscola we immediately find the hamlet of La Caletta, a well-known seaside resort with a marina, where it is also pleasant to spend summer evenings among restaurants, bars, clubs and stalls. Continuing south you can easily reach the charming fishing village of Santa Lucia, with its colorful little houses, boat beach and 16th-century Aragonese tower. A short distance away is also the beautiful beach of confetti, Capo Comino with its white dunes and centuries-old junipers, and finally the unmissable Berchida, considered among the most beautiful beaches in the entire Mediterranean.

Here are the things not to miss in Siniscola:

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Where to eat

An earthy cuisine that smells of pompia.

As in most of the Baronie, the cuisine in Siniscola is mainly linked to the products of the land and the mountains. Tasty roasts (of pork, lamb or kid), recipes for stewed meats and boiled sheep or pork thus prevail on Siniscola's tables. Among the first courses, cheese or ricotta ravioli and classic Sardinian pasta such as gnocchetti or maccarones de busa stand out.

A typical dish is "sa suppa," consisting of a particular kind of bread that is dried and then cooked with meat broth and seasoned with sauce and cheese. Emblematic of Siniscola is then "sa pompìa," a large and particular citrus fruit that is a mix between citron and lemon, from which an exquisite liqueur is made and some typical sweets such as pompìa intrea and s'aranzata.

Here are our tips on where to eat in Siniscola:

Frade Meu Restaurant Siniscola

Osteria Frade Meu

This sea and land cuisine restaurant is located in La Caletta, on the main street. It offers a rather sophisticated menu, an interesting wine list and typical homemade desserts. The raw material is always of excellent quality, and the cuisine is linked to the territory and the seasons, with simple processes that enhance the flavor of each chosen ingredient.

Restaurant L'Ostrica La Caletta

The Oyster

Founded as a family-run trattoria, it has become a landmark in the area, thanks in part to the new generations who now work there. The restaurant is located in La Caletta and offers daily mainly seafood cuisine, marked by km0 products and Mediterranean fragrances, and a wide selection of pizzas cooked in a wood-fired oven. Open for both lunch and dinner. lunch and dinner.

Trattoria La Torre Siniscola Restaurant

Bar Trattoria La Torre

Operating since 1910, Bar Trattoria La Torre is located in Santa Lucia, right next to the tower, and offers daily delicious fish, shellfish and mollusc dishes accompanied by excellent local and national wines. The restaurant is open since the morning for breakfasts and, thanks to its terrace overlooking the sea, becomes perfect for a refined lunch or dinner in a unique setting.

Where to sleep

Hospitality and relaxation for your stay in Siniscola.

The accommodation facilities in the town of Siniscola are not so many: hotels and b&b are in fact mostly located in the surrounding area and in the nearby tourist resort La Caletta. Here you can choose from hotel accommodations, room rentals, b&b, campsites or vacation homes, one of the most popular solutions in the area. So we suggest you two professional and qualified operators to search for houses for rent in Siniscola and La Caletta and, as an alternative, a comfortable family resort.

Here is where you can stay if you are in Siniscola:

Blu Sardinia Hotel Siniscola

Blue Sardinia

If you are looking for a vacation home in and around Siniscola, Blu Sardinia is for you. In fact, it offers studios, one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments housed in a residence with a swimming pool in front of the Caletta marina or in an adjacent facility. The apartments have balconies or patios and are perfect for those looking for a comfortable vacation but in absolute privacy. In the same building you will also find our car rental offices.

Salva Pinto Real Estate Agency Siniscola

Salva Pinto Real Estate Agency

This real estate agency, which operates mainly in the territory of La Caletta, offers a variety of solutions for those looking for an apartment to rent for a beach vacation in Siniscola. Comfortable two-room apartments for those traveling as a couple or larger apartments for families and groups of friends, close to the sea or within the town center and with all services at hand: the choice is yours alone!

Cala della Torre Hotel Siniscola

Tower Cove

Cala della Torre is a 4-star resort in the territory of Siniscola, opposite the tourist port of La Caletta. The hotel is ideal for family vacations, to which it offers a private beach, two swimming pools including one for children, entertainment service for children and teens up to 18 years of age, and an excellent restaurant with Sardinian specialties and theme nights. Soft all-inclusive treatment is also available, for a carefree vacation.

Vehicles for hire

Here are the vehicles available for rental at our Siniscola - La Caletta location.

Small cars

Versatile and small, ideal for business travel or leisure trips: our car fleet in La Caletta satisfies any need that concerns the rental of a city car or a small but comfortable vehicle. You can rent our vehicles equipped with every comfort by contacting the offices near the port of La Caletta in Siniscola or by filling out the form at the bottom of the page to request information.

Large cars

If you need more space for luggage or a larger car that is better suited to travel even inland roads, our agency offers medium to large models for rent that may be right for you. We also have 7- and 9-seater vehicles, executive cars for corporate travel, and vehicles for a special event.

Commercial Vehicles

If you are looking for a rental van for work or for a move with pickup in La Caletta - Siniscola or with home delivery, our fleet offers commercial vehicles for rent of various types. Small, medium, large, boxed or refrigerated: all our proposals have in common great reliability, a guaranteed periodic inspection and always efficient performance on the road.


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