Sa sartiglia Oristano


Home of the Sartiglia and Eleonora d'Arborea.

Founded in 1070, Oristano is the main center of northern Campidano, a flat region of Sardinia with a high agricultural vocation.

Not far from the city we find the Sinis Peninsula where it is often possible to admire the famous pink flamingos. The beaches in the area are another major attraction, as are the numerous archaeological sites where traces of the Nuragic, Phoenician, Punic or Roman periods can be found.

But Oristano is best known for the Sartiglia, a splendid horse race of medieval origin that takes place every year on the last Sunday and Tuesday of Carnival, attracting visitors and onlookers from all over the world.

The territory of Oristano is a treasure to discover all year round: if you want to get to know the city of Eleonora d'Arborea, visit kilometer-long beaches and nuraghi, go in search of flamingos or sea turtles, rely on the experience of Autonoleggi Demontis to rent a car directly in Oristano . In addition to vehicles for private travel, you can also find commercial vehicles for rent and vans for transporting goods.

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What to see

Nature and culture in the Sinis Peninsula

Traditions, archaeology, sea and nature: Oristano offers all this to visitors who choose to stay in the Sardinian capital.

The city's historic center is rich in monuments, including the Tower of San Cristoforo (or Tower of Mariano), the only remnant of the Judicial-era walls along with that of sa Portixedda, the Gothic church of Santa Chiara, the cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and the statue dedicated to Eleonora d'Arborea. A historic nineteenth-century palace (Palazzo Parpaglia) houses theAntiquarium Arborense, a museum with many archaeological finds from the Nuragic, Punic and Roman periods.

Just 10 km from Oristano, the beach of Torregrande is worth a walk, where in addition to clubs, bars, restaurants, establishments and markets, we find the largest Spanish tower in Sardinia, built between 1542 and 1572. For history enthusiasts, the Oristano area also offers the very interesting Archaeological Area of Tharros, with the remains of the city of the same name that encompasses more than two millennia of history, the Sacred Well of Santa Cristina near Paulilatino, the Nuraghe Losa in Abbasanta and the statues of the Giants of Mont'e Prama, dating back to the eighth century B.C. and visitable in the museum of Cabras. In this same area we find one of the largest pond ecosystems in Europe, which will leave all lovers of nature oases and birdwatching speechless.

Finally, if you happen to be in the Oristanese territory, you cannot fail to dedicate a few days to visiting the marvelous beaches of the Sinis Peninsula: Mari Ermi, Is Arutas and Maimoni, famous for the quartz granules that glisten among the sand, Putzu Idu and s'Arena Scoada with their crystal-clear waters, Is Arenas with its enormous expanse of sand.

Here are the things not to miss if you happen to be in and around Oristano:

Discover the city of Oristano and its territory with the means of Demontis Car Rentals.

If you want to set out to discover the Sinis Peninsula, in our car rental agency in Oristano you can choose between small, medium and large cars, suitable for short or long trips, which will accompany you on this journey between the sea, lagoons and ancient Roman cities. The territory of Oristano is also an area where several agricultural and artisan companies are based and need to move goods to every corner of Sardinia: for this reason Autonoleggi Demontis also offers in Oristano the rental of various types of vans and commercial vehicles that can support you in your daily work.

Where to eat

The best dishes with treasures from the sea and the lagoon

When one thinks of the cuisine of the Oristano area, two things immediately come to mind: botargo from the Cabras area and vernaccia, the typical local wine. Mullet is the most common fish on the tables of the Oristano people (famous for the prized botargo, boiled and wrapped in marsh grasses instead gives rise to the typical recipe Sa Merca), while among the meats we have the important Slow Food presidium of the red ox of Montiferru. Among the typical dishes of Oristano cuisine we also find eels, cooked on the grill during the feast of the Madonna del Rimedio. Finally, traditional sweets such as mostaccioli and pabassini should be tried.

Here's where to find great food in Oristano:

Librid Restaurant Oristano - Meat Dish


In downtown Oristano, Librid is a bistro-style venue with outdoor spaces and a bookstore available to patrons. Ideal for aperitifs, to be enjoyed in the garden or outdoor atrium, it offers refined cuisine based on local products (such as the delicious fried red ox meatballs), an excellent wine list and a wide selection of cocktails and craft beers.

Sa Pischera e Mar'e Pontis Restaurant Oristano - Seafood Appetizer

Ittiturismo - Sa pischera 'e mar'e Pontis

From the fishpond to the table, this ichthyilturismo in Cabras offers seafood delicacies declined between first and second courses in a family and informal atmosphere. Fishing nets on the ceiling and stuffed chairs furnish a place where you can enjoy mullet, roe, mussels, shellfish, and an excellent grill with the catch of the day, as well as typical seafood first courses.

Cocco and Dessi Restaurant Hall

Cocco and Dessì

A refined restaurant near Oristano's main square, it offers a well-kept location and friendly service. The kitchen offers traditional dishes with a wide selection of appetizers, first and second courses of both sea and land and more than 40 pizzas, all accompanied by excellent wines. It is also possible to request a gluten free menu for those with celiac disease.

Where to sleep

Comfort and relaxation for your trip to Oristano

Whether you are in Oristano for business or for a vacation in western Sardinia, the Sinis area offers comfortable accommodations to suit every need. In town you can stay in functional and modern hotels or in refined guest houses, while to experience the area in a different way than usual we have selected an original Albergo Diffuso in a place not far from Oristano.

Here are our tips on where to stay in and around Oristano:

Hall Hotel Mistral 2 Oristano

Hotel Mistral 2

Open year-round, Hotel Mistral 2 is located near the historic center of Oristano and also offers guests a relaxing swimming pool, a traditional cuisine restaurant open to outsiders, and convenient covered parking. The rooms are functionally furnished and offer every comfort. The hotel also has a conference area with several rooms and a large lobby that often hosts temporary exhibitions by local artists.

Acqua e Sinis Hotel Oristano

Acquae Sinis

In the heart of Cabras, Aquae Sinis is a diffuse hotel consisting of several dwellings: Thermae, Mistras, Pontis and Laguna. The ancient houses, renovated according to green building standards, are all close to each other and offer rooms furnished in typical Sardinian Campidanese style. Also available to guests is a wellness area with whirlpool pool, Finnish sauna, Turkish bath Scottish shower and color therapy.

Regina Arborea Guest House Oristano

Queen of Arborea Guest House

This elegant Guest House is located in the city's main square, on the second floor of the historic "Carta Corrias" building. The rooms are furnished in classical style and offer an interesting glimpse of nineteenth-century mansions, without sacrificing modern and efficient services. A free ZTL pass is available for guests, and breakfast can be requested in the morning directly in the room.

Vehicles for hire

Discover the cars and vans you can rent at our Oristano location

Small cars

In Oristano, our car rental agency has comfortable city cars available for quick trips around town, whether for business or pleasure. In our offices near the center you can request information and choose your small car rental quickly and easily. If you have any questions for us, you can also fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Large cars

If you are in Oristano on vacation and want to explore the Sinis area, you will probably need a larger car, with a large trunk and comfortable even for longer trips. Autonoleggi Demontis offers those looking for large car rentals a wide selection of vehicles also available at the Oristano location, where representative cars are also available for corporate travel.

Commercial Vehicles

For removals or for transporting goods, Autonoleggi Demontis offers rental vans in Oristano and throughout the Sinis area. We have vehicles from small to large, refrigerated or boxed, perfect for transporting any type of material. To do your work safely and have a vehicle that is always efficient, rely on the experience of our commercial vehicle rental agency in Oristano.


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Free cancellation

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